Vial Filling Process

Vial Filling Process consist filling and stoppering/bunging operations. In Vial Liquid Filling Machine liquid filling & stoppering operation occurs whereas in Vial Powder Filling Machine powder dosing & stoppering/bunging done. Empty vials are loaded onto infeed rotating table of the machine from which it is feeded onto transportation converyor which carry vials onto filling station. Filling station is equipped with proximity sensor which sense vial presence and provide pulse to filling system to discharge pre set volume of liquid/powder into vial.

Further vial moves to the stoppering/bunging station where rubber stoppers stored in bowl from which it comes through vibration to the feeding chute and then deliver onto vial head. During movement vial get stoppers onto head and moves further onto conveyor. Further vials passes through SS rollers which do pressing operation of stoppers. Duly stoppered vials then transferred to Vial Cap Sealing Machine for cap sealing operations.

Vial Liquid Filling Process

Vial Liquid Filling Machine Process based on mainly three filling systems:

  • Piston Pump Filling which are operated on volumetric filling principal. Piston pumps are installed onto the machine and connected to the filling needles with silicon hose pipes. Pump suck pre determined liquid from the storage tank and discharge into vial through filling needles.
  • Servo driven filling with specially design filling pump which are operated through servo motor indication. Fill volume setting done through HMI screen of the machine which provide pulse to the servo motor for paricular rotation through which it suck pre determined volume of liquid and discharge into vials through filling needles. Difference between piston pump filling and servo driven filling is that in first option filling adjustment is mechanically operated whereas in second option it can be done on HMI screen of the machine.
  • Peristaltic Pump based filling operation in which filling done through peristaltic pump inbuilt on the machine. Peristaltic pump with servo/stepper motor installed onto machine which is having silicon pipe connected to filling needles. There is one proximity sensor installed at filling platform which provide pulse of vial detection to the pump resulting of this pumpp discharge pre set volume of liquid into viaal through filling nozzles. Different fill volume can be set through HMI panel of the machine. One time calibration of fill volume to be done for each different product type.

vial liquid filling process

Vial Powder Filling Process

Vial Powder Filling Machine Process can be categorized mainly two filling systems:

      • Mechanically Operated Powder Wheels system in which powder wheel of vial powder filling machine operated through mechanical oepration. Rotation of powder wheel is operated through mechanical system through powder sucked from the hopper and discharge onto vial through vacuum pressure.
      • Servo based Powder Filling System designed rotation of powder wheel through servo motor which provide better movement and precise working of entire system. Rotation degree of powder wheel can be set as per choice through servo motors.

Vial powder filling process

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